Friday, April 15, 2011

Lethal Weapon (00h:23m:33s).

It's time to stick up for each other, like we're brothers from another mother; kinda like, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.  We all know how movie based games can go... but let's give it an honest go.  If it sucks, we can just blame capitalism and the Jews!

Graphics - 3/5

I didn't make it very far... but what I saw was pretty lame.  I think I went through about 5 stages, and half the game was this weird forest background.  I haven't seen Lethal Weapon in a long time, but I don't think they spend any length of time fighting in a dense forest area filled with log cabins, tree-houses and bright purple vehicles.  I think it's the color palette that makes it look so bad...  It's like all they had to work with was grayscale, purple, brown and green.  Our heroes look pretty funny in their 8-bit renditions.  That's part of the reason I felt this game deserved a 3.  I think if you put them beside each other and asked me to guess who they were, or from what movie, I actually might get it eventually.
Remember the part, where that guy pops out of the foxhole in the forest...  So Danny Glover does a flying dive kick and kills him instantly.

Sound - 2/3

Nothing much to report here...  The music and sound effects are certainly worthy of a Lethal Weapon game on NES.  Take that however you want.
Or when Mel Gibson flies off camera to do the same to a helicopter.

Gameplay - 2/5

Ok so the game begins and you're just Mel Gibson walking around a forest roundhouse kicking a bunch of black people.  Sounds about right.  The gameplay is really simple, walk left to right, kill everyone.  You have a gun you can use... but therein lies the problem with this game.  The enemies pretty much shoot you the instant you are in their line of site, so while a gunshot kills them instantly, you always end up taking damage.  It's almost impossible to avoid getting hit every time you encounter enemies...  The only thing that ever worked for me was to slowly slide downwards into their line of sight mashing kicks and punches and hope they die before firing.  This is only seems to work like 10% of the time, but it's better than nothing.  There are also enemies in fox-holes and helicopters that throw grenades at you.  These seem to be the only encounters you can get through intelligently, you just throw the grenades back and can usually avoid damage.  The boss fights are a joke, you just mash punch and they will usually die long before you.
I guess they were after his girlfriend?  

Personal - 3/5

I actually didn't mind this game at first.  Even though it was ridiculous how I was constantly getting hit, you have plenty of life.  You also get more than enough health re-fills to keep you going.  What kills it is that after awhile, you just start getting hit for more and get less health... still with no consistent way to avoid taking damage.  It's actually kind of cruel how it just gradually starves you to death.  I have no desire to go back and finish this, but playing a Lethal Weapon game was kind of awesome for reasons I don't understand.
I certainly remember when 8-foot-tall Chuck Norris comes at Mel with  a machine gun; forcing Mel to kick him in the balls until he dies.
 Keep it Classy!
I like this Game Over screen, so I threw it in too.

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  1. Hahaha loved the films, didn't even know there was a game!